Top 20 Best Android Apps 2014

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Video title from youtube: Top 20 Best Android Apps 2014

Video description: Best (Must Have) Android Apps from 2013 to get you started for 2014. Part 2 : Please Subscribe and Stay Tuned for …

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  1. author

    kornival korn4 years ago



  2. author

    Daniel Circuits4 years ago

    I got a nextbook premium 8 se 8 inch android jelly bean tablet

  3. author

    Doug Asker4 years ago

    Don’t forget Flappy Bird!

  4. author

    Gaw Guir4 years ago

    Personally I think airdroid is better then device manager it allows you to
    see all of that plus more. You can open your camera to see who is using
    your phone, you can see sent messages delete apps and best of all airdroid
    cannot be deleted without a password. 

  5. author

    harsh chovatiya4 years ago

    nice video…

  6. author

    Shintsu24 years ago

    As someone who has used an Android phone for a long time, I recently bought
    a Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) in hopes that it would be a great tablet. So far
    though, the app selection is very disappointing. I know there are a lot of
    apps for Android, but so many of them suck or look awful. I tried a retina
    iPad Mini and found the MxTube to be an excellent experience (allowing
    automatic resolution setting, better than just “highest quality” – I could
    say 1080p always).There is so much clutter and fuss to do everything in
    these apps. I have no issues at all with my Galaxy SII, but this Note 10.1
    is really disappointing so far. Performance wise it’s great, but the
    usability really isn’t that good.

    Every time I hit the power button, there’s a noticeable delay of 1-2
    seconds before the screen comes up for me to unlock it. Switching from
    landscape to portrait mode has a delay. Many apps do not open immediately.
    The iPad mini on the other hand did everything pretty much instantly. No
    delay with power button, camera app was immediate, everything was snappy.

    Someone is going to read this and think I’m some kind of Apple fan but I’m
    really not. I prefer Android in general, but I’m really not very impressed
    with the options I have here. The interface is just not that good. Even
    these apps just looks kind of ugly and not so nice. Bash iOS all you want,
    but at least most of their apps look good and work well on the iPads.

    I’m beginning to become of the impression that tablets really aren’t that
    good period. Neither the iPad Mini Retina nor this Galaxy Note 10.1 feel as
    nice to use as a laptop running a full fledged OS. I’m not even convinced
    that the tablets running full Windows 8.1 would be that great. Another
    disappointment with this Note 10.1, using Microsoft Remote Desktop it
    actually screws up my desktop layout on my PC and I have the exact same
    2560×1600 resolution on my desktop 30″ monitor. The iPad Mini just shifted
    two icons on the desktop whereas this thing moved several rows of icons out
    of place.

    Really disappointed in Android, I expected a lot better experience. Look at
    all these apps filled with ads and ugly UI. Not a great user experience at

  7. author

    Porkytool54 years ago

    MX Player is the BEST!!! thank you

  8. author

    Tony Romeo4 years ago

    Thanks, great vid.

  9. author

    Valentin Nedkov4 years ago

    It’s time for immersive Android apps. No more hardware screens, put all in
    the augmented reality format. Check this out:

  10. author

    TTD1874 years ago

    It’s just a video of some guy trying to act like other guys while talking
    about shitty apps. There were maybe 2 or 3 actually useful apps. The rest
    were things anyone could simply search for if they needed it.

  11. author

    Venkat Sai4 years ago

    these are the best android apps i ever heard of, thank u. Is the next
    episode this interesting ?!….

  12. author

    Leonardo Caldas4 years ago

    Awesome list of apps. Pretty much appreciated! 

  13. author

    Ray Hodge4 years ago

    great video 

  14. author

    Chris Allen Asidera4 years ago

    Amazing list 😄

  15. author

    Manuel Salomia4 years ago

    what clock widget are you using?

  16. author

    preetham patnaik4 years ago

    Hey how did u get that transparent whether wodget man
    I use sm-n900 international variant
    I tried many times but it used to show like weather widget
    Unexpected error and all pls help me pls pls pls


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