Teen Wolf 3×20 Promo/Preview #2 – Echo House HD

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Video title from youtube: Teen Wolf 3×20 Promo/Preview #2 – Echo House HD

Video description: Teen Wolf 3×20, Promo/Preview #2 – Echo House [HD] Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 20, Promo/Preview #2 – Echo House [HD] Teen Wolf S03E20, Promo/Preview #2 – Ech…

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12 Responses

  1. author

    MrsDevil4Ever4 years ago

    I love the psychological turn this show is taking!!!! Dylan O’Brien’s
    acting is amazing

  2. author

    Shan Willi4 years ago

    Can somebody explain what is happening?? Too much is going on 

  3. author

    Horxman4 years ago

    OK a few things I’ve got to say.
    1. I have watched this show since episode 1 and I honestly think Dylan O’
    Brien is becoming a great actor.
    2. It scares me to see the funny, clumsy, and skinny Stiles turn into a
    psychotic, deadly, calm killer
    3. I believe that Stiles may end up be killed off of teen wolf, because of
    what is happening to him, hopefully not, but, we can only pray that Stiles
    will stay.

  4. author

    Tv Blast4 years ago

    Can someone explain to me what I just watched. It looked confusing

  5. author

    josep gabarrós pérez4 years ago

    Stiles and Lydia kiss scene again.

  6. author

    Maggie Claire4 years ago

    That better have not been Isaac hanging by his neck 

  7. author

    Rakeyah berew4 years ago

    Omg I want old stiles back and who is he kissing? Malia? Yea

  8. author

    emilia mendoza4 years ago

    what about isaac???? :c i need answers! 

  9. author

    TheFlowMind4 years ago

    Who saying moving up???

  10. author

    ayla lee4 years ago

    He’s saying Malia, I think.

  11. author

    Becca Hirst4 years ago

    What was the repeated shout saying? Was it Lydia or Let me out or what?

  12. author

    kaseyscott4 years ago

    Wow, can I just say that this will be a good episode. Another thing that
    I’ve noticed is that I don’t think that’s Isaac that is hanging. If they
    are timing it right, Isaac should still be in the hospital. I think that
    it’s another patient that the Dark Spirit kills. I also don’t believe that
    Stiles will die in the end. Reason being is that he’s the comic relief of
    the show. If he dies, its quite possible that the show will lose a decent
    amount of fans. I think that if they do kill him off, that maybe they’ll
    bring him back. Teen Wolf has surprised us in the past and present. I mean
    seriously Peter has a daughter? Didn’t see that coming at all.


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