Principles of Operating System – Lecture 2

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Video title from youtube: Principles of Operating System – Lecture 2

Video description: This lecture covers chapter 1, the overview of Operating Systems.

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  1. author

    Jo L Rico5 years ago

    How can I get that Presentation?

  2. author

    airplanefreak275 years ago

    These videos are great, and your explanations of concepts are much clearer
    than my instructors. My only advice is to stop smacking your lips after
    every sentence 😉

  3. author

    tmasst075 years ago

    Thank you for this lecture series. Is there a way to upload this to my ipod
    for listening on the go?

  4. author

    Barbara Hecker5 years ago

    I’m actually biased towards apple and mac products. I’m not a huge MS
    Windows fan. As the lectures proceed in the coming weeks, I will be
    mentioning more Unix/Linux examples. Most students are only familiar with
    MS Windows which is why I constantly use that OS for examples.

  5. author

    Pranjal Sharma5 years ago

    Is it possible for you to share the slides ?

  6. author

    Calin C5 years ago

    This will be very helpful – learning the same module from 2 perspectives.

  7. author

    Byung Kim5 years ago

    .. much better to follow up with your video comparing to our professor…
    Thanks for uploading!

  8. author

    Samuel Okoro5 years ago

    Holy cow! She’s such a good teacher

  9. author

    dbzlotrfan5 years ago

    THere are firefox (& chrome?) extensions that can rip MP3’S from video’s.
    Also video ripping extensions . . .

  10. author

    michael penklis5 years ago

    I just want to go on learning

  11. author

    Ashumeet Singh5 years ago

    Hey I really liked your lectures and I think you have a very deep
    understanding of Operating System Fundamentals. I am preparing for my
    interview with fortune 500 companies and they always check on your basic OS
    fundamental skills. Do you have any recommendation from where I can quickly
    get my skills brushed up? Thanks for your suport.

  12. author

    PRABHJOT SINGH5 years ago

    if u have a internet doenload manager in ur system,it automatically shows
    an option to download the video which u play in the youtube. it is generic
    and is not youtube specfic !! barbara,you rock 🙂

  13. author

    Barbara Hecker5 years ago

    The lectures are at


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