Introduction to Operating Systems

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Video title from youtube: Introduction to Operating Systems

Video description: An overview of the fundamental roles of the operating system.

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  1. author

    Ruzbeh D4 years ago

    Thank you Sir!

  2. author

    kjell1594 years ago

    Not, Linus Torvalds wrote the Linux kernel from zero. It is compatible with
    UNIX and UNIX-like OS’s but it isn’t UNIX itself like most people think. 😉

  3. author

    Vishy S4 years ago

    Brilliant. Very informative! Thanks.

  4. author

    BadHabit2024 years ago

    Great video!

  5. author

    الله كريم توكلوا فقط4 years ago

    I think we can’t know the exactly meaning of O/S untel we work with it..I
    mean 2learn O/S U have 2 have a chance 2 write it..It is really difficult &

  6. author

    fothermuckerrr4 years ago

    why the fuck does this video only have 12 votes and NO comments ? awesome
    work dude

  7. author

    John Pehrsson4 years ago

    thats right, took the words right out of my mouth.

  8. author

    kjell1594 years ago

    Linus Torvalds wrote his OS (In C, I think but that doesn’t matter.) to be
    an alternative to UNIX operating systems. Because he found that the license
    payement for UNIX back in the 90’s was to high, he decided to write his
    own OS compatible with UNIX, that is why the terminal in Linux is similar
    to those in UNIX-OS’s and that a lot of software from Linux also runs on
    Mac OS X for example.

  9. author

    PktMma4 years ago

    Lots and lots of info. Good video, thanks!

  10. author

    Santiago Tellez4 years ago


  11. author

    serie dok4 years ago

    buen video muy informativo

  12. author

    apositron844 years ago

    Awesome video. Helped a lot with my understanding, and a nice historical
    overview at the end.

  13. author

    kuzeth4 years ago

    yeah your probably right, i doubt im going to find another career path that
    i enjoy as much as computing, so one day im going to have to bite the
    bullet and learn it, when i finally get around to doing something life
    affirming and take a course that is.

  14. author

    liam scott4 years ago

    Isn’t it?

  15. author

    yodelmeyo4 years ago

    Thank you! That was clear and concise. Truly appreciated 🙂

  16. author

    John Pehrsson4 years ago

    uh huh


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