Interior Design Reveal Luxury Home, Floor 1

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Video title from youtube: Interior Design Reveal Luxury Home, Floor 1

Video description: Interior Design San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson walks you through the interior of floor one, designed …

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  1. author

    LiveBreadSlice4 years ago

    what education did you have? would really like to become something like

  2. author

    MegaSuperteam4 years ago

    I, me, my. You are so self involved 

  3. author

    GeeklyChic464 years ago

    Beautiful! o love it just so beyond gorge!

  4. author

    Lydia Robi4 years ago

    I love Rebecca she’s the best interior designer ever! she has great taste
    & this house is my favorite, v.v.beautifully displayed! <3 keep up the
    good work! :)

  5. author

    lilmissmackem4 years ago

    What colour are the walls? Love them oh & love the house

  6. author

    Zaira Aquino4 years ago


  7. author

    Bol Bol4 years ago


  8. author

    Ayah SCW4 years ago

    how much do they pay u to do the bug an awesome houses anyway!!!!!!!!!!! 

  9. author

    siw lillelund4 years ago

    Did someone say LOOOOOOOVE?! c:

  10. author

    Leonid Kim4 years ago

    Great taste

  11. author

    Rainbow Dash4 years ago

    This home is SO inspirational! Beautiful work Rebecca. 🙂 

  12. author

    Frantastic_Directioner4 years ago

    +Robeson Design Studios +Robeson Design Rebecca, you have no idea how many
    times I’ve watched the four videos in this Luxury home series. You’ve
    inspired me to know I want to become an Interior Designer. You may say,
    ‘This girl is only a tween/ young teenager, how can she already have her
    future all planned out now, she’s only in middle school.’ Well, middle
    school is part of how I’ve discovered my ‘calling’. I had to do a project
    last year on a career project. A career you want to do when you’re older.
    I had just found your channels 3 1/2 months before. I watched every MoM
    videos and Makeover Mondays made my Mondays so much better. After you said
    it was soon coming to an end, I started to check out more of your videos on
    these channels. I found this series a week into the school project. I
    researched, meaning watching this series so many freaking times, that I
    began to be positive that I knew I wanted to be an Interior Designer. We
    had to mention our career idols, and I mentioned you and P. Allen Smith
    after watching those videos as well. You have no idea how much you’ve
    inspired my future career. If I could be any Interior Designer, I’d want
    to be you. If you replied to this, I would fangirl. I know you have a
    busy schedule, so you might not. Anyway, if you have read this, thank you
    for taking a few minutes out of your day to read an incredible inspired
    fans LONG message.
    ~ Directionergirl17

  13. author

    Jackson Greenwood4 years ago

    So nice


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