How To Make An Operating System

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Video title from youtube: How To Make An Operating System

Video description: In this episode, gigafide shows you how to create our own operating system using the Assembly programming language. Project Files:…

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  1. author

    Joel Nichols5 years ago

    All you’re doing is renaming MikeOS and writing it to a floppy.

    Somehow I don’t think this is quite the same as actually writing anything
    even close to an operating system.

  2. author

    BiffsGamingVideos5 years ago

    all of this talk about the Kernal had made me hungry for KFC

  3. author

    realgroovy24 tech5 years ago

    too much annoying work involves too much programming and bug fixing
    constantly it wont be able to run anything like Firefox or a browser anyway
    depends on how you code the kernel way to much work nobody will ever write
    any software for it except your friends or if you pay someone a heck of a
    lot of money to do even then the kernel would need major changes for every
    hardware release and it would only work on the computer you made it on even
    then it will still be a unstable crappy OS which you could do more from a
    commodore 64 than what you would program best thing to do is if you really
    want to which is much quicker and will be incredibly stable and fast and
    all get a Linux distribution like arch and compile the kernels (choose a
    kernel version ) build it off from there choose a desktop environment and
    file manager other software to have on there basic stuff etc… then you
    got your own distro would work exellent then pack it to an iso throw it
    online you got your own distro! anyone could use it whatever unless you
    want to build if mikeos which nothing supports has little features but good
    if you want to start programming infact exellent.

  4. author

    Blurby Boo5 years ago

    Coding a operating system with a interface takes over YEARS. It’s alot of
    coding to do.

  5. author

    ForzanTV5 years ago

    I was expecting like a interface, not no 1970s stuff. Oh well thanks

  6. author

    PatrickDFTBA5 years ago


  7. author

    Christopher Sacchi5 years ago

    I can understand this 🙂 It’s not hard…

  8. author

    James Logan5 years ago

    I feel like this video is just elaborately telling me how stupid I am.
    Holy shit, this is complicated.

  9. author

    Christopher Sacchi5 years ago

    I’m a kid programmer who is 12 years old with Justin Pitera in which we
    both want more young programmers to join our team.

  10. author

    BeatRip5 years ago

    I KEEP HAVING TO FORMAT!!!!?!?!?!?

  11. author

    neville23125 years ago

    Fast Typing

  12. author

    z0ltanz0ltan5 years ago

    Misleading title.

  13. author

    Gmav cv5 years ago

    Your right but I am trying to make a DVD or blu ray paler

  14. author

    BeatRip5 years ago


  15. author

    Nugroho Widyantirtaadi5 years ago

    This is a tips an trick about how to make a basic operating system, and its
    perform by Tinkernut, enjoy!!

  16. author

    John Lanigan5 years ago

    I think you did a good job introducing this. I’m glad I found your video.
    I’m a bit disappointed to find some of the comments below from people in
    the computing community. Still everyone is entitled to their point of

    If anybody wants to try this AND build their own hardware as well, go get a
    copy of The Art of Electronics, (and the Study Manual that goes with it for
    the schematics).
    The authors take you through building a computer from scratch. Bus
    interfacing, control, timing and I/O basics. There is a keypad and an LED
    display too. It’s near the end of the book. The rest of it teaches
    electronics. Oh and a bit about hand coding assembly of course.

    Don’t get too excited though its a 4 character LED and a hex pad. There’s
    no OS. You have to tell it what to do to using hand coded assembly
    language. It won’t run Firefox either and it’s a lot of work too. It’s a
    teaching/learning tool. Just like I expect the OS described in the video
    would be.


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