Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera: Review

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Video title from youtube: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera: Review

Video description: Read the full review on our blog: Moritz Janisch from Fenchel & Janisch has tested the Pocket Cinema Camera by Blackmagic Design very i…

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14 Responses

  1. author

    Barry Inglaterra5 years ago

    How much is this camera? Colours look very flat and washed out.

  2. author

    Doug Vandegrift5 years ago

    I have been using the Canon C100 camera and although I didn’t think I’d
    like it. I now LOVE it and would prefer it over using this camera. 

  3. author

    LimitsEdits5 years ago

    It looks very impressive, however, I am confused. What makes this small
    camera better than dslr’s? What are it’s advantages? Please help me.

  4. author

    BaeumlerFilm5 years ago

    A really great review ;-)

  5. author

    Nikolaos Skordilis5 years ago

    0:41 “…professional *film* camera?” Really?

  6. author

    MrDardo185 years ago

    does it include the lens?

  7. author

    JUJO Media5 years ago

    I really loved this review. Well done. A couple things mentioned in the
    video have updates, though:

    1) The overly-blurry 180 degree shutter issue has been fixed in the most
    recent version of the BMPCC firmware.

    2) The crop-factor that makes your lenses look so telephoto can be
    overcomed mostly with the metabones Speed Booster. I have a review of the
    new one for the BMPCC on my channel if anyone is interested.

  8. author

    Alex Martins5 years ago

    As always good reviews from these guys.

  9. author

    Marko Hila5 years ago

    Great insight. Thanks!

  10. author

    ProjectAStudios5 years ago

    Is the crop factor only when your thinking in terms of 35mm film? if you
    took a 16mm film camera like the bolex or the old 16mm airi would the image
    using the same lens be the same focal length?

  11. author

    MrApplewine5 years ago

    I’d like to see the Fuji x100 add these video features for 1080p60fps
    proRes and fix the rolling shutter and add lens image stabilization. 

  12. author

    Peter Pancho5 years ago

    Hi there,
    You recommended me the Canon 70D.
    Now, between the Canon 70D, and this BMPCC, and the BlackMagic Camera 2.5K
    Which is best?

  13. author

    Amanda Dalton5 years ago

    I was really considering this camera and truly appreciate the review. Now I
    am very glad that I am holding off. While it has some features that I
    would like, I think I will wait for a second or third generation.

  14. author

    Sean Cothrine5 years ago

    the footage speaks for itself.. thanks for the upload Fenchel & Janisch


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