Blackmagic Cinema Camera Review

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Video title from youtube: Blackmagic Cinema Camera Review

Video description: A review of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. For more, go to The external batteries used in the video can be seen at: http://www….

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19 Responses

  1. author

    Lord Trini4 years ago

    The music is a bit Bloom-ish

  2. author

    Bradley Stearn4 years ago

    Great review! I have the BM this weekend, really enjoying using it!

  3. author

    Dutch Jackson4 years ago

    Awesome video! What’s the big difference shooting in film and video
    mode…In dynamic range? And is it easier to color correct in video mode? 

  4. author

    andyvia684 years ago

    wow…really description!!

  5. author

    Mohammed Munaim4 years ago

    Great review 🙂
    You should leave what music you use in the description, great music choice
    Keeo it up

  6. author

    Bashar Tahir4 years ago

    Tim, you are one of the best product reviewers I’ve ever seen. I know that
    you are a not reviewer but i would really like to see you review more
    products. It was an awesome video. Thank you!

  7. author

    Underdog Gaming4 years ago

    what’s with not sliding the tripod mount plate on all the way? Do you want
    your camera to fall off and break?! haha

  8. author

    EmpireOneMedia4 years ago

    Great review….love how you touch all the main points… but your right…
    60fps would have been great….

  9. author

    Josh Bennett4 years ago

    In my opinion I think you should saturate your shots a little more. I don’t
    know what camera you use to record your reviews, but I’m sure there’s
    enough detail in the data to saturate the image a little more. At the
    moment, there’s a general greyness and lack of vividity that is not too
    appealing. Great review though, thanks!

    Edit: Ah, a 5D. I see why you do this now! :)

  10. author

    Arthur Zheng4 years ago

    over exposed

  11. author

    SGImporters4 years ago

    Great review . Great camera ,Great price

  12. author

    pnuthead424 years ago

    Would a Pelican 1120 case be a good camera case for it? (just the camera
    and one other short lens) 

  13. author

    Marcelo N4 years ago

    Hey man, great review. Now that several months have passed and the
    blackmagic cinema 4K has come out, you think that’s worth it? I was
    planning to buy it to make films and documentaries. The only thing holding
    me back it’s the fps limitations (not being able to film more than 30 fps
    it’s kind off a downer), but the fact that comes with Davinci Resolve (and
    everything else this camera offers) REALLY pushes me foward. You seem to
    know a lot about this camera, what do you think about it?
    Cheers, and thanks

  14. author

    TaylorB4404 years ago

    Hi I review cinema camera’s and over expose the opening shot.. durp :P

  15. author

    Alexandru Moraras4 years ago

    Ah okay, thank you very mucho, that was my main fear. Cheers!

  16. author

    Tim Olsen4 years ago

    Hey, The camera does have an auto iris button, but you DO NOT have to use
    that. I almost always use manual iris control on my lenses. It doesn’t
    matter if you use EOS glass or manual passive glass, the camera WILL let
    you control the iris manually.

  17. author

    Tim Olsen4 years ago

    It is safe to say that if you have a digital camera, no matter the brand,
    you ABSOLUTELY will need color correction. If you do not want to, then I
    guess you could use the basic Rec709 color balance that this camera puts
    out. Each camera has it’s own characteristics that are beyond it’s “digital

  18. author

    Tomaszu4 years ago

    but who need this resolution..

  19. author

    Tony Maples4 years ago

    Well first off to stabilize footage and still have a full HD render


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